As a leading digital technology agency serving various organizations, we have been delivering innovative digital technology services in various areas related to content management systems like Adobe Experience Manager.

Built sites on various AEM version like AEM 6.0 to AEM 6.5

Migrated projects from site hosted on old AEM version to newer AEM versions. 

Starting from AEM 5.6.1 to latest versions.

Migrated projects built on different CMS/technology to AEM by writing 
migration scripts & utilities.

Multi Site Management Features & interacting with SDL World Server 
through XLIFF files

Touch UI components

Editable templates & configuring policies

Context aware configurations & Runmode based OSGi configurations


Integration with Adobe target and Launch (DTM & Analytics)

Integrated AEM with e-commerce playforms like ATG.

Integrated AEM with Dynamic media servers to host images & videos 
and perform preset configurations.

Dispatcher Setup and configurations

Implemented AI-Powered Site Search with AEM

Implemented projects for AEM mobile apps leveraging 
Adobe PhoneGap and Adobe Publishing Solutions

Built utilities for Authors to perform bulk updates and 
search on various content around AEM

Built structured content fragment models, content fragments 
for wide usage across sites

Enhanced Experience Fragment templates & exported XFs to 
Adobe target for AB testing & multi variant testing

Built various OSGI bundles containing services like Workflows, 
Servlets, Listeners, Schedulers, Importers & Filters.

Integrated with various vendor systems using Restful and 
SOAP based services.

Maintained client websites by performing regular maintenance's 
like compaction, purging of audit log, versions, workflow instances.

Regularly monitored the performance of the server by heap dump and 
thread dump analysis.