Cart sharing functionality in Oracle Commerce Cloud


Oracle Cloud Commerce supports multi-site functionality using which a merchant can run multiple websites on a single instance while the sites sharing certain common resources, this feature is widely used by the merchants who are having more than one brand and desired to maintain separate sites for each brand.

Until now the sites in multisite configuration used to share only the user profile, With the latest version of Oracle Cloud Commerce, the application supports shopping cart sharing functionality, using which a shopper can purchase items from multiple sites using one order.  Oracle Cloud Commerce recently introduced “sharedCart” property in /ccadmin/v1/siteGroups API using which the merchants can enable the shared cart functionality in the multisite configuration.

The below example illustrates how shared cart property can be enabled using the API.

POST  /ccadmin/v1/siteGroups

“id”: “cartGroupForBrands”, 

“displayName”: “Cart sharing group for All Brands”, 

“sites”:[ {“id”: “siteForBradA”}, {“id”: ” siteForBradB”}, {“id”: siteForBradC”} ], 

“sharedCart” : true


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How the user session will be managed among the sites:

The user sessions will be managed by the SSO functionality in Oracle Commerce Cloud, so when enabling the sharedCart functionality implement SSO (single sign-on) so that shopper’s information will be shared across the multiple sites.

Cart sharing registered Vs. anonymous users: · 

  • The cart sharing works for both registered and anonymous users if the environment uses a single top-level domain, i.e. if the site domain is the other site should have same domain and context root like in order to work share cart for both registered and anonymous users.
  • If the sites in multisite configurations does not share same domain only registered users can share the cart.

Configuring promotions on sites which shares cart:·

  • Merchants can configure Site-specific promotions, as well as promotions that apply to any of the sites that share a cart are available to shoppers.·
  • Merchants can create item, order and shipping promotions across all sites within a cart sharing group.·
  • Merchants can also create an item promotion that is valid on only a single site within the cart sharing group.

Updating/ Deleting cart sharing group:

Oracle Cloud Commerce provides additional API to update and delete cart sharing group.

Update: PUT  /ccadmin/v1/siteGroups/{id}

Delete: DELETE  /ccadmin/v1/siteGroups/{id}