Chase Paymentech integration in Oracle Cloud Commerce


Chase Paymentech provides electronic payment processing products for businesses that accept credit, debit or gift cards from their customers. Admin can configure the Paymentech using the Oracle Cloud Commerce administration interface.

Before configuring the Chase Paymentech, merchant should obtain required information from Chase in order to configure in the Oracle Cloud Commerce admin. Once the merchant obtained the required details please navigate to Settings in the admin console, Click on Payment Processing then Select Payment Gateways panel, in the Payment Gateways panel Select “Chase Paymentech Credit Cards” option under service type then provide all the required details.

In order to make the Chase Paymentech as payment gateway, admin need to select “Payment Gateway Enabled” check box in the Oracle Cloud Commerce admin.

Once the Paymentech is enabled on Oracle Commerce store and the user started the order submit process the store application send the payment card details from a shopper’s browser to an Oracle server, which then sends the card details to Chase Paymentech, where the specified transaction (authorization, void, or refund) is performed. Oracle servers never stores the credit card details. Once the request been submitted to the Paymentech with the user payment details, the Paymentech sends an authorization code and a transaction reference number back to the Oracle server is a response. Then the same information will be interpreted in the order associate to the user.

Unlike CyberSource integration Paymentech does not use tokenization, so a shopper who provided credit card details when submitting an order must provide the details again for subsequent transactions, such as obtaining a refund. Commerce uses HMAC-SHA256 to generate the request signature and validate the response signature for requests and responses sent as part of the payment gateway integrations. For more information check the reference link,