Configuring the CyberSource integration in Oracle Cloud Commerce


CyberSource is a payment gateway. It provides online payment and fraud management services for medium and large-sized merchants. Oracle Cloud Commerce provides CyberSource as a default payment gateway.

The Oracle Cloud Commerce admin console provides a way to configure the CyberSource payment gateway. On admin console, go to Settings -> Payment Processing and then click on Payment Gateways. On Payment Gateways tab, Select CyberSource in Service Type dropdown which displays the CyberSource configurations page as shown below.


Prerequisites to configure the Cybersource:

Merchant need to sign up for an account with CyberSource and obtain the Merchant ID and other required details to configure the Cybersource payment gateway.

Once the required details are received from the Cybersource then configure the same in the Account Information panel which allows the store to communicate with CyberSource during the customer payment processing.

Oracle Commerce Cloud does not store or manage any payment related details provided at the time of payment processing. Cybersource offers Token Management Service which protects customers’ sensitive personal and card information during and after every transaction. The token is shared between Cybersource and the commerce server in order to complete the payment.


Security Keys for Secure Acceptance:

These properties identify your CyberSource Secure Acceptance Checkout API profile. If you configure properties for both the Storefront and Agent configurations, use the same properties for both. All properties are required.

Testing the CyberSource integration:

Once the CyberSource integration is configured, you should be able to place test orders on your store.

The orders will be visible in Oracle Commerce reports in the CyberSource Business Center once the transition processed successfully.

For test card numbers please refer the below URL on cybersource,