Direct catalog editing in Oracle Commerce Cloud


Creating and modifying catalog items must be published in order to render those changes on live site.

If you are having very frequent catalog changes on live site, going through publishing steps may take extra effort, the “direct catalog edit” feature in Oracle Commerce Cloud enables you to update live catalog changes to the website without running through publishing steps. This is particularly useful when changes to products, collections, or SKUs occur frequently.

By enabling the direct catalog editing feature,

1). You can immediately display any changes without the need to publish.

2).You can directly push your entire catalog data to production by avoiding the publishing step.

To get this feature enable direct catalog editing using the updateDirectEditConfiguration endpoint.

Example payload:

PUT /ccadmin/v1/merchant/directEdit/catalog


“enable” : true


How “direct catalog edit” changes will be handled by search functionality:

Direct catalog editing allows you to update your live catalog, i.e. you will be able to see the changes to the catalog if you go through the catalog navigation on the live site and the changes will not reflect in search. In order to make sure that the search index is up to date with latest catalog changes search content update will run every 15 minutes when the “direct catalog edit” is enabled.

Points to remember when using “direct catalog edit”:

1) Since the feature update your live catalog and web site you cannot do a preview of the changes.

2) When the “direct catalog edit” feature is enabled make sure you do not have any changes items in the publishing queue before making catalog changes.

3) The changes may not show in the product recommendations as the recommendations service exports the catalog on a daily basis.