Oracle Cloud Commerce payment processing


For any E-commerce site it’s mandatory to have payment processing system to authorize the transactions between the user and the merchant, basically the payment processing system is an illustrative cash register in E-commerce system. So having a secure and convenient payment processing is very important.

Oracle Cloud commerce provides several payment options backed with high security, enabling payment process is a twostep configuration in Oracle Cloud Commerce.

  • Configure payment types
  • Configure payment gateway

Configure payment types:

Payment types allows the sore administrators to define the payment types and billing countries the online store accepts. Oracle Cloud Commerce several OOTB payment types includes Visa, Master card, American Express, etc. and it allows to configure more than one country Billing countries which in order to support multisite configurations.

Below screen shot illustrates OOTB payment types supported by Oracle Cloud Commerce.


Configure payment gateway:

The payment gateway authorizes credit card payments and actually acts a bridge between the merchant and the online buyer.

The Oracle cloud commerce supports all major payment gateways and each handles different type of payment types. Below are the OOTB payment gateways supported by Oracle Cloud Commerce.

  • CyberSource
  • Chase Paymentech
  • PayPal
  • PayU Latam


Configuring the payment settings is very easy and these are highly secured. Before configuring the desired payment gateway admin should obtain the merchant account from the provider in order to configure the payment gateway.