PayPal integration with Oracle Cloud Commerce


Oracle Cloud Commerce supports transactions through E-wallets with the help of PayPal integration. Once the PayPal Express Checkout integration is completed on the Oracle Cloud Commerce admin users can purchase on store using their PayPal account.

In order to integrate PayPal with commerce store, merchant should have either a Business or Premier PayPal account. You should also have a PayPal Sandbox account with two test accounts.

To complete the PayPal integration merchant should obtain the API client ID for merchant’s PayPal account and a secret key for merchant’s PayPal account. Once the details are obtained navigate to Settings in the admin, click on Payment Processing select Payment Gateways panel, in the Payment Gateways panel select “PayPal” option under service type then supply all the required details.





With the PayPal integration merchant has a feasibility to capture the user funds whenever he wants, like merchant can configure the PayPal integration in a way to capture the funds right after the Order submission or even he can capture the funds once the item is shipped to the user, this particular configuration can be made under “Select when to capture the payment” in the same panel.


Once the store is configured with PayPal, when the user selects PayPal as a preferred payment method on the order check out page the control will got to PayPal authentication page where user need to supply their credentials, once the payment is confirmed on the PayPal side a Payment Token will be sent in the response which will be stored on the Commerce server.